I was lucky enough to scroll across an upcoming conference called WordCamp Omaha. This is a conference for people that use Word Press as their website builder. Initially, the thought of going to a conference about computer skill made me feel incredibly anxious. I am not technical and I get antsy listening to computer stuff. My husband is in the IT crowd and has unfortunately made me dumber. Why learn how to use the new tv set up when I can annoy him every. single. time. I want to watch Netflix? I haven’t set up a new phone in over 10 years because I got married. I think it was written in our vows.

My worst experience with IT nerds was at a bar with a table full of them and anytime I tried to talk they would say, “Alt F4” to me and then laugh because I didn’t understand. Honestly, I still don’t get it.

Anyhow, my new goal is saying “F’ it, I’m in” to anything that might be fun or interesting. No matter how self conscious I knew I would feel at this conference I signed up anyway. It helped that the course cost $30 for 2 days of lectures and it inlcuded donuts, a rice bowl and a t-shirt.

I woke up early on Saturday morning, unplugged my bike and headed to the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus. On my way there I reminisced about the good old days on campus. I would drive 20 minutes to get there from my parent’s house every morning because I was too cheap to live on campus or in an apartment. I was also too cheap to buy a parking permit so I would park in Happy Hollow a park nearby that had a one-way street where all of the other poor/cheap students parked their cars on both sides of the street. Not sure if you know this but 18-year-olds do NOT know how to parallel park, so parking on this narrow side street was an outright acknowledgment that your car would be hit by someone before the end of the semester. Once you wedged your car into a spot you then had to climb up a grassy hill. This hill was often covered in snow and ice but it was totally worth saving the $100 a semester.

I digress, after my workout/commute (#optimizing) I arrived at WordCamp after a delightful 30-minute ride. I grabbed some free coffee and set up my space to learn about Word Press and how to improve the functionality of my websites. Of the course, I was able to absorb about 50% of what they explained which was enough for me to make it worth spending my weekend learning. Everyone was super helpful and friendly and not one of them yelled “Alt F4” at me.

This is my year to get out of my comfort zone and be the weird outsider that randomly shows up to things that are outside of my scope.

If you are looking for resources within Omaha try out the Do Space mentoring program. They are amazingly helpful when ever a problem comes up. Another opportunity is Word Press Omaha meet ups.

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