Save Money Tips

Spend less money than you make, invest the rest!

Most of your income goes towards, housing, transportation, and food.  How else can you spend less than you make?


  1. Challenge a friend to a fluid challenge.  Drink only free coffee and water.  (Free coffee counts as coffee at home and from the break room.  See who can go longer.
  2. Develop a meal plan for the week, write down what you’ll need at the store do NOT buy anything that’s not on your list.
  3. Use Ibotta with your meal planning and save MORE.  You can also link your grocery card user number to save you more time.  Use our link and you get $10, we get $5.
  4. Meal plan a $2 or less per serving meal into every week.
  5. Instead of girls not OUT have girls night IN.  Have everyone bring a bottle of wine and you prepare something easy and cheap, such as chips and salsa.  Rotate houses.  How often do you spend less than $10 on a night out?
  6. Invite a prospective family over for dinner. Prospective means you trust them to watch your kids and you can watch theirs. Make a less than $2 per serving meal.  Ask them to bring dessert.
  7. See how long you can go without grocery shopping.  Try to use EVERYTHING up in your pantry before rebuying. 
  8. For date night find a relaxing corner of your house and crack open a bottle of wine after the kids go to bed.  This faux date can be equally relaxing if you do it right.  Clean up that area of the house light a candle, put your phones in another room and enjoy your spouse.


  1. Stop it, you don’t need it.  Do NOT go clothes shopping until you’ve Marie Kono your clothes closet.  Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit and get some breathing room. This is a good way to get rid of your stuff to pay off debt.
  2. Use Ebates when you shop online to accumulate cash back.  Sign up with our link and you get $10 and we get money too. Only buy what you need!
  3. Read books you already have or start going to the library.  Supporting the library is philanthropy in my opinion! Every city needs a library.
  4. Be an environmentalist and start buying used only! Kids’ toys are a great example of an environmental tragedy.  If we can at the very least get two kids to use a toy we are making some progress.


  1. Sell your car and get a cheaper one that you can have paid off.  Sounds severe but it’s not if you have a lot of debt to pay down. We made the change. Read about it here.
  2. Make sure you purchase a gas efficient vehicle. Remember 2008 when gas cost over $4 a gallon. Remember seeing people on the news saying they couldn’t afford to drive to work.

Personal Care

  1. Learn how to cut your significant other’s hair or your kids.  Hair will almost always grow back. Who cares if you have a wonky hair cut for a few weeks, it’s a good conversation started. Here’s a more detailed reason to change your hair ways.
  2. In my 20’s I used to get my hair colored, looking back it seems silly because I didn’t have grey hair then, but I do now.  Now is when I need hair colored but I do it a home for a fraction of the price.


  1. See number 6 under Food.  Make friends with neighbors that have kids the same age as yours and learn how to socialize.  Learn how to offer help and learn how to ask for help.  Honestly, my life is easier when I’m babysitting school age kids, I make sure they don’t hurt themselves from my spot on the couch reading a book.


  1. Start travel hacking for all of your flights and hotels.  This is great first card to start with then you start working your way down the Chase Gauntlet. This is ONLY a savings if you pay your card off every month.
  2. Instead of paying for a hotel you might get big discount by using AirBnB.


  1. Go through you budget line by line and call each company to negotiate a better price.  They know it’s a pain to call them so they sneakily increase your monthly rates.
  2. Cancel everything you can from your budget and then bring it back in if you truly miss it.  We often get into costly habits that don’t make our lives any better.

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