5 Tips to curb shopping

Last month, I heard Anthony Ongaro from Break the Twitch speak about friction.  It made so much sense of how to change bad habits. I feel like being a women means you have to love shopping.  That was a stereotype ingrained in my adolescence. I’m here to tell you that you can break the habit or at least slow it down.

For one week I ripped off the part of the add with their phone number. Then on a Friday night, I called each company and asked to be removed from their mailing list.

Here are 5 ways to help you add “friction” to your spending

  1. Identify how marketing is sabotaging you. Unsubscribe from every single email that is sending you coupons or sales alerts. 
  2. If you use Facebook, unfollow or unlike every store that is swaying you buy something you don’t need.
  3. Online stores you love: Delete your credit card number from the website immediately.
  4. Grab your phone and delete every application that encourages spending. This would include Target Cartwheel.
  5. Gather your junk mail, call every single mailer or magazine and request to be removed from their mailing list.  I typically pile up 4-5 items and then make all the calls at once.

Here’s another way to think about the ethics of spending.

I also recommend this video to give a touch of perspective.

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